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Fonaterm Granular

Insulation flakes from textile waste


Warmth of silence

Thermal and sound insulation from Fonaterm textiles


Fonaterm insulation

Warmth of silence

Fonaterm insulation is one of the highest quality insulation on the world market. In addition to the low price of insulation, it is distinguished by good thermal and sound insulation.

Ikona Fonaterm granular

FonaTerm® - granular insulation

Is meant for in- blowing in the interspaces of the walls, and with that we get one-piece insulation without contacts, thermal and sonic bridges, that is why this insulating layer equally covers the pipes and other installations.
Ikona uporaba Fonaterm

Usage of FonaTerm® - granular

Is used in thermal and sonic insulation of the manufactured assembly walls , dry assembly insulation of floors or in attic and mansard insulation.
Ikona manjša poraba energije

Lower energy consumption

FonaTerm® - granular can pride itself with verified (ZAG) coefficient of thermal conductibility, K= 0,038W/mK
Ikona zvočna izolativnost

Sound insulation

FonaTerm® - granular can pride itself with unbelievable 49dB of sonic insulation of sound according to SIST EN 140-3 (1997) standard.
Ikona zaščita ostrešja

Roof protection

FonaTerm® - granular
is insensitivity to steam or moisture, because the primary material is high quality Polyester and Polyuretan
Ikona požarna varnost

Fire safety

In order to improve fire safety and in order to disable residence of vermin (insects) we are supplying FonaTerm® - granular with following additives: Borax, Boric salt, aluminium hydroxide (chalk) and Glauber salt.

The right solution for you

FonaTerm® - granular is excellent thermal insulation from textile rest flocks, which are leftovers from cutting out the car covers and seat pillows


Products and systems Fonaterm

The product is top level thermal and sonic insulation. Fonaterm granular can pride itself with verified (ZAG) coefficient of thermal conductibility, K= 0,038W/mK as well as with unbelievable 49dB of sonic insulation of sound according to SIST EN 140-3 (1997) standard.

Plates FonaTerm®

For specific purposes of excellent sonic and thermal insulation we developed plates made from granulate FonaTerm®. Main characteristic of the plate is high sonic insulation. We use them in insulating walls, floors, studios, chambers, for absorption of sound in anti noise fences…Plates FonaTerm® have extraordinary mechanical qualities and almost null subsiding, so they are meant for the biggest burdens as well.

Anti noise insulation

In association with the company Petrič d.o.o. from Ajdovščina we have developed anti noise fence for the insulation of the noise on highways and railroads. The prototype fence has been made on the bypass near Brezovica (Ljubljana) since 2004. We also did the test of artificial aging of 20 years and found out that the mechanical characteristics of Fonaterm plates stayed unchanged.

Fonaterm Granular ozadje
Insulation blow

We can blow in Fonaterm granular on existing insulations, which are build in the object incorrectly or they have lost their original volume due to aging (subsiding ) and with that they also lost their function. For this purpose we have developed the process of supplementing of the insulating layer with Fonaterm Granular, which fulfils the whole volume. In this process we avoid thermal /sonic bridges, because the insulation is homogeneous in all the volume.

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    We want to offer our clients as qualitative materials and as expert workers as we can, so we always try to follow the news on the market, test them and on that basis advice our clients. Because of that, firstly on the net and then through the company EUROMOJSTER I got to know the product known as FONATERM.

    Slavica Suklan Umek

    Oblikovanje svetlobe d.o.o.
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    Vsem, ki bi radi v svoj dom ali poslovne prostore vnesli mir pred zunanjim vrvežem ali bi želeli imeti prostore poleti hladne pozimi tople ali morda želite biti za sosede neslišni Vam Fonaterm iskreno priporočamo.

    Gosak Darko

    SHOWTEC, televizijska produkcija
Izolacija Fonaterm - prepričajte se sami

See for yourself

FonaTerm® - granular is xcellent thermal insulation and it has excellent absorption and silencing of sound.

Due to larger insulation mass we have great warmth accumulation and favourable PHASE DELAY.


Verified excellence

Our products meet the highest standards, which we demonstrate with a rich set of different certificates.

Fonaterm - slovensko tehnično soglasje STS certifikatFonaterm - slovensko tehnično soglasje STS certifikat

Our partners

Contracting partners and resselers for Fonaterm


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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