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Anti noise insulation

Warmth of silence
Zvočna izolacija Fonaterm

In association with the company Petrič d.o.o. from Ajdovščina we have developed anti noise fence for the insulation of the noise on highways and railroads. The prototype fence has been made on the bypass near Brezovica (Ljubljana) since 2004. We also did the test of artificial aging of 20 years and found out that the mechanical characteristics of  Fonaterm plates stayed unchanged.

The influence of rain, snow, salt, ploughing, possible parasites, birds…were not to be seen. , which means that the fence is intact (visible layer is insulating plate Fonaterm).


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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