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With the company Trimo from Trebnje we developed insulating alluvium for their tile Trimoform, which has the anti condensed, anti noise and temperature insulating function. Fonaterm insulation has passed the strict tests excellently, some 3000m2 tiles have been made, and they represent the turning point in Trimo’s offer , because this kind of insulation sets new standards in this market.  

Fonaterm is laminated to metallic tile, which means that it is added directly to the tile and makes a “sandwich”.

We manufacture some insertions for car industry to sonic and thermal insulation of the cars  For this purpose we acquires standards like ISO 9001, TUV, VDA….We are verified supplier fo : Daimler Chrysler-Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Opel, Škoda, Recaro….

Moulded products from Fonaterm granular we make in models with previous adhesion. We can also make different densities from 20 to 500kg/m3, whatever the customer wants. In this way we made Trimoform tiles, products for car industry and all the Fonaterm plates.


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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