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Warmth of silence

Subsiding / Comparison with cellulose

The matter looks different in practice. Because of moisture, vibrations and time and due to the G force the insulations in walls, ceilings…..subside. After certain amount of time we can see the empty volume in upper sides of volume, which has been fulfilled with insulating material in the beginning.

We can prove that most elegantly by using so called thermo vision camera (ROMB) or by opening up the construction.

Because we tested FONATERM according to our standards, we didn’t notice any subsiding. Because of it and due to the wish to find out our limits and to compare our insulation with competitions’ ( in this case with cellulose, that has similar characteristics ), we did the measurement in the  X Flock Institute –Germany, where  FONATERM and similar materials have been exposed to extreme burdens  (see report ). These kinds of burdens never happen in practice, but we exaggerated just because of it-to prove our limits and establish the comparison.The last diagram shows the difference in subsiding  beautifully  (we have to observe the materials with same density – cellulose against  FONATERMU). 
Measurement of subsiding (setzunkversuch)

Measurement of subsiding (setzunkversuch) pdf

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Locating isolation gaps and confirming isolation

For realization of quality service we use the thermo vision camera (ROMB), and with its help we discover the breaks of thermal energy before the insulation and we compare the recordings (shots) after it.

Using this method we can discover actual discrepancies of realization and at the same time confirm the quality of insulation itself, because we take away all the thermal bridges as well as minimize all the thermal currents through the construction.If you want to use thermo vision camera, you have to pre-arrange  it with mandatory for in-blowing of Fonaterm® granular.

Measurement of FAZNI ZAMIK of passage of thermal currents 

To check and prove fine qualities of FONATERM GRANULAR we did the annual measurement of so called FAZNI ZAMIK or faznega zamika  or temporal delay of passage of thermal energy through the sandwich of outer wall or roof.

The measurement was done on block of flats, that has been insulated only with FONATERM GRANULAR, composition of sandwich was following:

  1. tegola-roof tile ,
  2. boards -colarce,
  3. 3cm of air channel,
  4. foil, that lets the steam through,
  5. Fonaterm granular 20 to 25cm thick –density  cca 55kg/m3,
  6. steam obstacle,
  7. cast plate 12,5mm

Measurements were done with help from UNIMB, under the leadership of dean of Faculty for Engineering in  Maribor,  Prof. Dr. Milan Marèièa, udis

We had help in computer gear and 8 thermal probes, which were placed on the outer wall, inner wall, and measured outer surroundings and inner temperature.

The whole construction site was not heated, nor cooled. The windows were always closed.
In the annex we are showing you random measurements of individual days, because the measurements were constant, and were stored according the date or hour.


For the interpretation of the results we have to look for the first differencial of the time function.

After regarding all the data I can say that FAZNI delay of the thermal currents – according to average of the measurements- runs from 5 to 10 hours, which depends on the place of the measuring area and disturbing factors like wind or the roof windows…

It is highly important in observing the data to see that inner temperature doesn’t change or it fluctuates in restricted area from  + -1 degree. And we mustn’t forget the fact that the building was not heated nor cooled.

Author: Prof. Dr. Milan Marčič, udis (dean of the Faculty for Engineering in MB)


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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