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Warmth of silence

During the development of Fonaterm and other possibilities of its usage, we involve highly qualified experts from the engineering and construction physics field. Our goals are offering the customer an ultimate product, and with it to raise the level of buyer’s satisfaction to the maximum. Our outer co-operators are UNI MB, UNI LJ, ZAG, Tekstilni institut, Decibel d.o.o., Provia d.o.o., Petriè d.o.o., Johnosn Controls-NTU, Prevent,… with them all., we research different possibilities of usage of Fonaterm, we do measurements of certain conditions, we do behavioural simulations of Fonaterm in systems, we also do accelerated artificial aging…vall of that just to satisfy our final customer, the buyer.

In our team we have experts in thermal technique, process technique, car industry We use the best tools to achieve our goals, all of them well known in car industry like: 6 Sigma, CTQ, 5S, 20Keys, FMEA…..

Oblaganje fasade s Fonaterm

 For more than two year our offer in the market is :

  • Fonaterm granular,
  • Fonaterm plates (soft, solid)
  • Blows of Fonaterm granular on surfaces or on previously built-in insulation – especially for adaptations .

Up till now we have technically developed further usage of  Fonaterm:

  • Anti noise fences,
  • Façades,
  • Engine plaster Fonaterm

These products have yet to get all the requested standards like STS, CE and are not on the market. As soon as one of them meets all the necessary requirements, it will come on the market and it will be published in the NEWS on this web page.

We are developing further possible uses of  Fonaterm:


Our main goal is: to offer the buyer high quality material, which has been left unused so far, and with its qualities to exceed the buyer’s expectations and to decrease the burden on environment/ surroundings by collecting this excellent raw material on the refuse dumps.

We are ready to accept your remarks and your suggestions regarding ours/yours products as well as the possibilities to combine Fonaterm with other materials …


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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