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Plates FonaTerm®

Warmth of silence

For specific purposes of excellent sonic and thermal insulation we developed plates made from granulate FonaTerm®. Main characteristic of the plate is high sonic insulation. We use them in insulating walls, floors, studios, chambers, for absorption of sound in anti noise fences…Plates FonaTerm® have extraordinary mechanical qualities and almost null subsiding, so they are meant for the biggest burdens as well.

The plates are made for different purposes from different densities of FonaTerm®, that are in range from 100 to  500kg/m3. Gauge plates can be 1250 x1250 (mm) or smaller, thickness is limited from 2 do 300mm. In different moulds we can make different shapes of the outer surfaces of Fonaterm plate. Fonaterm, granulate as well as plate, is easily exposed to moisture, sun rays, frost but it doesn’t harm them or in any way changes its physical qualities.

Soft insulating plates FonaTerm®

Soft insulating plates up to  50 mm thick and from  45 to 100kg/m3 dense.

Solid insulating plates FonaTerm®

Solid insulating plates with density from 100 to 500kg/m3 are used especially in insulation from sound and sound transfer through construction, so they are appropriate for usage between beams. .

With the company Fragmat Izolirka/TIM Laško we are developing possible uses of Fonaterm, combined with STIROPOR. We did some referenced façades,  that are being tested for the influence of the environment, because we want to offer our customers the highest quality of our products. With the company Trimo from Trebnje we developed insulating alluvium for their tile Trimoform, which has the anti condensed, anti noise and temperature insulating function.


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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