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Insulation of Partition walls

Warmth of silence
Izolacija sten Fonaterm

Partition walls separate space in smaller units physically, where the acoustic insulation is far more important than the thermal one, especially if the temperatures in the insulated spaces are the same.

Example of process of insulation of partition wall with Fonaterm® - granular

  1. We make the supporting construction of partition wall, which we then attach to the floor, ceiling and walls and we connect the junctures with the washer tape.
  2. On the both sides we fix cast-cardboard plates on the supporting construction.
  3. On the upper part of the wall, right below the ceiling, we drill the holes into the cast-cardboard plates.
  4. FonaTerm® - granular insulation is blown in through the holes with the special machine- on the pipe system to each compartment of the manufactured wall, in order to fill it with appropriate density, which is achieved with suitable ratio between the blowing in pressure and quantity of the in-blown material.
  5. The drilled holes in cast-cardboard plates are closed and washed with washer tape.

Mansard partition wall insulated like this is insulated in one piece without thermal and sonic bridges, which is very efficient and significant for thermal and sonic insulation.


Because it is made of selected and high-quality car textiles, Fonaterm insulation belongs to a higher price range, and it is available to you at a very affordable price.

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